Ramsetu Bridge (Adam’s Bridge) Sri Lanka

Ram Setu or Adam’s Bridge (Ramsethu) , also known as Rama’s Bridge or Nala Setu, is a 48 KM long chain of sand dunes / limestone shoals, between Rameswaram Tamil Nadu, India and Mannar Island, the north-western coast of Sri Lanka. This is one of the key Ramayana sites of Sri Lanka. Hindu religious theories or Ramayana the great Indian Epic, believes that the bridge was constructed by Lord Rama and his Vanara (monkey) army. Surprisingly, this sand dune path is still visible from an aerial view even today. Hanuman had to construct this bridge for Rama to cross over to Lanka and rescue Sita, who was abducted by Sri Lankan king Ravana.

Historical background of Ramsetu This is the legendary structure built for the Vanara Sena to cross the sea from India to Lanka puram according to the Ramayana Yatra Sri Lanka. This structure got immersed partially in late 1400 Ads due to natural calamities and global warming. Today and 16 locations between Danush Koti in India and Talai Mannar in Sri Lanka this structure is exposed as -sand dunes. One needs to take special permissions and guards to visit this location. In Ramayana tour Sri Lanka, this bridge was engineered by Nala for Rama on the instruction of Sugreeva, the king of Vanaras.

Current situation of Ramsetu Bridge Sri Lanka Ramsetu or Adam’s Bridge is controversy today on the origin of this world famous lime stone bridge between two nations. Hindus, a rcheologists, politicians a nd even NASA of USA are emb roiled over a dispute on the origins of the icon Ram Setu, whether it is an act of God Ram a, or gift of n ature. There are 52 Ramayana proofs in Sri Lanka and Ram Setu is one of them. Surprisingly, the time of Ramyana story of 5,000 BCE and the carbon dating analysis of the bridge samples were synchronized properly !!! It is believed that Rama’s bridge was above the sea level and even some historical records suggest that it was walkable till the 15th century. Even the estimated depth is around 3 – 30 FT in the area of this causeway.

Ramayana Tour Sri Lanka Tips / FAQs / Travel Notes Can we visit Ram Setu during our Ramayana Tour in Sri Lanka? Generally we do not include Ram Setu for regular Ramayana Tour Packages in Sri Lanka since there is nothing to see over land. Need to charter helicopter or sea plan to have an aerial view of Ram Setu.

Can we hire / charter helicopter to see Ram Setu during Ramayana Tour ? Yes we do provide Helicopter transfer from Colombo to Anuradhapura VIA Ram Setu and please contact Ceylon Expeditions Ramayana Team and they will do the needful.

How many Ramayana related sites in Sri Lanka? There are 52 Ramayana sites in Sri Lanka including Temples / Kovil / geographical locations / archeological buildings / mountains etc which are directly linked to Ramayana trail Sri Lanka.

How much Entrance fees of Ramayana Sites of Sri Lanka No entrance fees for most of the Hindu Temples and other Ramayana related places in Sri Lanka but you may donate a reasonable amount if you wish. If you participate for the Puja / services, you need to buy a ticket (Approximately (100 – 200 Sri Lankan Rupees). But there are some places like Dambulla cave temple / Cobra Hood Sigiriya / Ashoka Vatika (Converted as a Botanic Gardens) need to pay entrance fees.

Is it safe to travel to Jaffna now? Yes. Sri Lanka is safe country now and there is no security threat island wide. Also we do have a special Sri Lanka Ramayana yatra package including Jaffna. Contact Indian / UK country managers

Are these Ramayana Related places open every day? Yes most of the places are open 365 days for public from morning to evening. Consult Ceylon Expeditions tour executive beforehand to know the exact timings.

How many Sanjivani mountains in Sri Lanka? There are 5 Sanjivani Mountains in Sri Lanka namely, Dolukanda (Kurunegala) / Ritigala Nature Reserve (Habarana) / Rumassala Mountain (Galle) / Kachchativu island (Jaffna) / Thalladi (Mannar Island)

Important places of Ramayana in Sri Lanka Ketheeswaram Temple Mannar, Munneswaram & Manawari Temples Chilaw , Sanjivani mountain Ritigala, Thiru koneswaram Temple Trincomalee, Sita Amman Temple Nuwara Eliya , Ahoka Vatika Nuwara Eliya , Sri Bhaktha Hanuman Temple Ramboda, Gayathri Peedam Nuwara Eliya, Divurumpola Templ, Ravana Water Fall, Ravana Caves, Kataragama Temple, Sri Anjaneyar Temple Colombo, Kelaniya Buddhist temple / Ussangoda National Park.

Can I visit all Ramayana sites in Sri Lanka within 3 or 4 days? Not really, you need stay at least 7 – 8 days to cover most of the important Ramayana Proofs in Sri Lanka. There are different Ramayana packages of 5 days / 8 days & 11 days. Please contact Colombo office directly or India country manager of Ceylon Expeditions.

How many days I need to visit all Ramayana sites in Sri Lanka? You will need approximately 12 days to cover all Ramayana trail sites of Sri Lanka.

Can I visit Kandy Buddhist Temple / Elephant Orphanage Pinnawala and Royal Botanic Gardens Kandy during this Ramayana tours in Sri Lanka? Yes you will stay 2 nights in Kandy during 10 nights Ramayana Tour and all these places including Kandy sightseeing are included.

Can we tailor make the itinerary or we must follow the standard Ramayana tour packages of Ceylon Expeditions ? Of course, tailor made Ramayana tours are available and Ceylon Expeditions will careful design the Ramayana tour in Sri Lanka considering all facts like ages of the travelers / budget / travel period / special interest like beach stay after the Ramayana tour etc etc. Please contact Ceylon Expeditions Colombo office or respective country managers India / UK.

Can I visit other cultural or wildlife attractions during Ramayana Tour in Sri Lanka? Yes you can see other cultural triangle attractions and wildlife parks in Sri Lanka but your Ramayana Tour itinerary should be discussed with our travel executives beforehand to manage the time.

Can I visit Yala National Park while am on Ramayana Tour of Sri Lanka? Yes possible but you need to wake-up early morning and leave for Yala National Park safari (3 Hrs on jeep safari) and then visit Kataragama Temple which is also an important temple linked to Ramayana story Sri Lanka.

Can I participate for the Puja / services while am on Ramayana tour in Sri Lanka? Yes this is possible but you need to discuss with Ceylon Expeditions tour executives beforehand to check the puja timings at each Ramayana related temples / kovil Sri Lanka.

What are the hotels you provide for Sri Lanka Ramayana Tour packages? Generally, Ceylon Expeditions provide 3 accommodation plans with mix of 3 to 5 star accommodation and you may decide the selection as per your budget. Ceylon Expeditions may change the accommodation plan as per your estimated budget.

Note – Kindly note that we do not work with guest houses / 1 or 2 star hotels and we contracted ONLY with 3 Star and above recommended hotels in Sri Lanka. But as a responsible travel company we could guide / advice you for guest hoses / 1 & 2 star hotels bookings and provide all necessary guidance for your tour FREE of CHARGE throughout the tour. Can I have 5 star Ramayana Package? Yes. You need to mention this to Ceylon Expeditions Tour executive when you plan the trip.

Do you provide medical assistance in case of emergency during Ramayana tours Sri Lanka ? Of course, Ceylon Expeditions is well connected with all medical centers / doctors island wide and also we do maintain updated records of ambulance services and on-call doctors. We do have 24 Hrs x 7 Days x 365 Days operational assistance in Colombo and all situations will be handled with no time.

Can we request personal assistant from Ceylon Expeditions during Ramayana tours in Sri Lanka ? Yes possible for very senior citizens but additional charges may apply. Do I receive all 3 meals or only breakfast during Ramayana tour in Sri Lanka? Yes for all Ramayana group tours in Sri Lanka, we provide 3 meals (Full board) from arrival to departure but for tailor made exclusive tours we provide only dinner & breakfast. Do we receive elevators (Lift) / Tea & Coffee making facilities / swimming pool / easy accessible room during this Sri Lanka Ramayana Tour with Ceylon Expeditions ? Yes, These Ramayana Tour Packages are carefully designed including hotels with all these facilities. We do work with highly recommended tourist board approved luxury 4 or 5 star properties and all hotels are under constant audit of Ceylon Expeditions especially on service level & hygiene matters. We will give you complete details before hand, names of the hotels where you stay along with comprehensive trip note.

Can I request wheelchair from hotel/s or wheelchair accessible rooms during Sri Lanka Ramayana tour ? Yes possible, but you need to inform this well in advance to coordinate with hotels in Sri Lanka. Most of the hotels we provide for the Ramayana trail are wheelchair accessible but you must inform to your country manager before hand to ensure the service.

Can I book fully wheelchair accessible Ramayana tour in Sri Lanka ? Yes we do operate accessible holidays in Sri Lanka but we cannot merge you with the regular Ramayana group tours in Sri Lanka and only options is to book an exclusive Ramayana tour with wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Can I change the Ramayana itinerary in Sri Lanka while am on tour? Not at all. You cannot change the accommodation plan which we already confirmed but you may change itinerary if time permits. Charges may apply if any additional transport / mileage is required

What is best time to do a Sri Lanka Ramayana tour? It’s a year around tour but winter season is recommended.

Can I access all Ramayana sites of Sri Lanka like Ravana Caves? Yes you can go up to the entrance of the caves but it’s not possible to go inside of the Ravana cave while you are on holiday.

Can senior citizens access Sanjeevani mountains / Ravana caves / Ravana Ella (Falls) ? We do not recommend to climb these Ravana caves / Sanjeevani Mountains for senior citizens. But you can see all places from the main road.

Can I get a Tamil or Hindi speaking guide for Ramayana tour in Sri Lanka? Yes but subject to availability. Generally we provide English speaking Ramayana qualified guides for all our tours. All Ceylon Expeditions Guides carefully handpicked / well qualified responsible guides who passed the rigorous examination held by SLTDA (Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority of Gov)

Can I buy mobile SIM card on arrival / do you provide SIM card for travelers on arrival? Yes Ceylon Expeditions provide a free SIM card on arrival. Need to request in advance along with your copy of passport.

Do I get free Wi-Fi during Ramayana tour in Sri Lanka? We do provide free Wi-Fi connection throughout the tour. Only one router per coach which maximum 10 devices / people can be connected at once. Also you will get free Wi-Fi from most of the star class hotels you stay.

Do I receive an emergency support from Ceylon Expeditions while we are on tour? Of course you will receive 24 x 7 support for all tours from Colombo end. We do monitor each & every single moment of your trip from Colombo point.

Are these Ramayana tours are exclusive or group tours? Generally we operate private / exclusive Ramayana Tours in Sri Lanka but if you wish to join with the next group tour, you need to contact our Indian Country Manager as per the below contact details.

How many people are in one Ramayana group tour in Sri Lanka ? Maximum we accept 40 people for 1 group. Also there are 20 people & 6 people groups also we operate and better you discuss our country manager India.

How can I join with your next Ramayana group tour from Chennai / Hyderabad or Delhi ? Yes, then you need to contact our India country manager as per the below contact details

Do you serve water during Ramayana Yatra Sri Lanka ? Yes your Ramayana packages included 1 liter bottled water per person per day. This is not a hard & fast rule and you may utilize water as much you need from the refrigerator in the coach.

Can I book Sri lanka Ramayana tour package from Chennai ? Yes, you need to contact our agent in Mumbai / Chennai / Bangalore Please email to [email protected]

Can we pay Ramayana tour package cost to your Indian agent in Mumbai / Chennai ? Yes of course. You can directly pay to our agent in Mumbai / Chennai / Cochin. Do you serve pure vegetarian food during our Ramayana tour in Sri Lanka Yes, Ceylon Expeditions inform all hotels to serve vegetarian dishes and we closely monitor the food management. But when you stay 4 or 5 star hotel during the Ramayana tour, you need serve from the regular buffet but we will inform to all hotels to arrange veg dishes well in advance,

What is the meal plan for Ramayana package Sri Lanka ? All group tours are full board and you will receive all 3 meals from arrival to departure, We provide dinner & breakfast from the hotel where you stay but all lunches will be served outside recommended tourist restaurants.

Do you provide airport assistance for Ramayana tours in Sri Lanka ? Of course, you will welcome by Ceylon Expeditions tour manager and your guide. Also we do keep close communications you / airport authority / airlines by keeping constant updates on your flight.

For any other clarification, please reach us Ramayana Tour Sri Lanka Help Desk Email [email protected] Hotline +94 717 88 44 99 WhatsApp / Viber +94 714 276 985