Underwater Museum Trincomalee Sri Lanka

Trincomalee underwater museum, second underwater museum of Sri Lanka has declared open on 10th July 2020 by Commander of Sri Lanka Navy. Trincomalee is a multi-cultural city and the capital city of Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. Further Trincomalee is one of the main tourist hot spots in Sri Lanka with many attractions such as Tirukoneshwaram Temple / Kanniya Hot Spring / Fort Fredrick. Also Trincomalee harbor is one of most important natural harbors of the world. 


Location of Underwater Museum Trincomalee ?
This is located in Trincomalee shore, off the Sandy Bay Beach of Trincomalee Sea which is most visited beach by both local and overseas traveler.

Construction of Underwater Museum  Trincomalee Sri Lanka 

Designing / planning and entire construction project has been completely carried out by Sri Lanka Navy under the direct supervision of The Commander of Sri Lanka Naval Force Vice Admiral Piyal De Silva in the year 2020. All the sculptures placed at underwater museum are handmade by naval personnel and these unique sculptures have been created from concrete and eco-friendly materials.

Objectives of Underwater Museum Trincomalee?

  • Prime objective of the underwater museum Trincomalee is to re-generation of corals & fish breeding of Eastern coast of Sri Lanka.
  • Enhance the tourism attraction of Eastern Province of Sri Lanka.

Aquatic adventure related activities can be developed along with this underwater museum Trincomalee.


What we can see in this underwater museum or what are the Sculptures available in Underwater Museum in Trincomalee ?
All the sculptures of Trincomalee underwater museum were designed / created & established by Sri Lanka Navy personnel and these unique sculptures have been produced from cement based mix and eco-friendly materials. Apart from the statues, you will be witnessed beautiful fish species.

How deep Sri Lanka Underwater Museum ?
The whole underwater story has been set at a depth of around 60 Feet within an area of 150 Feet length and 85 Feet width, located closer to Sandy Bay beach area providing a unique sightseeing experience for anyone who swim or dive in this area.

Opening hours or when can we visit underwater museum Trincomalee ?
This is open for public now and open 365 days. But It is not recommended to visit from Sep to April which is off-season for North East Monsoon with rough sea. Recommended to visit Trincomalee underwater museum from 1st May – 30 Sep each year.

Fishing activities around the underwater museum in Trincomalee Sri Lanka
No fishing activities can be performed within the underwater museum in Trincomalee Sri Lanka.

Who is managing the underwater water museum of Sri Lanka?
This was constructed by Sri Lanka Navy but now this is open for the General public and no direct naval administration is involved. But make sure that you must access this area with a registered boating company or diving school since this area is high security zone which is under Eastern Naval Command of Sri Lanka Navy.

How to visit underwater museum in Trincomalee?
This museum is located under 18.5 Meters / 60 Ft deep sea and you must be properly trained by a recognize diving school to visit the under-water museum and must be a PADI Open Water license holder.

What is the PADI License ?
PADI stand for “Professional Association of Diving Instructors”.
PADI courses are performance based diving training courses and at the introductory level focus more practical knowledge, safety and motor skills. The basics of diving physics and physiology are introduced during entry level programs.

What is the type of PADI License required to visit underwater museum?
This museum is located 18 meters deep and you must be obtained “PADI Open Water License” to visit the underwater museum.

Can we visit the museum after Discover Scuba Diving course ?
No, DSD or Discover Scuba Diving course covers maximum depth of 12 Meters and this museum need 18 Meters dive which PADI Open Water License is required.

How many days need to obtain PADI Open Water License ?
3 – 4 days required for training

Is Ceylon Expeditions provide Underwater museum diving package?
Yes we offer during season from Nov to April each year. Contact Ceylon Expeditions Travels.


What are the other types of diving courses available ?

COURSES Depth & Sessions
Discover Scuba Diving (2 hour) One 2 meter dive + one 12 meter dive
Discover Scuba Diving (1 day) One 2 meter dive + two 12 meter dives
PADI Scuba Review 1 review dive
PADI Scuba Diver 2-3 days/2 dives max depth 12 meter
PADI Open Water 3-5 days/ 4 dives max depth 18 meter
PADI Advanced Open Water 2 days/ 5 days max depth 30 meter
PADI Rescue Diver 3 days
Emergency First Response 1 day / First aid and CPR

How much is the entrance fees of the underwater museum of Trincomalee Sri Lanka?
No entrance fees and its free but you need to pay for the diving center charges.

If I have PADI Licenses, can I get equipment / boat & assistance from Ceylon Expeditions?
Yes we do provide. Contact Ceylon Expeditions Travels

Can Ceylon Expeditions arrange Photo or video shoot for underwater museum visit?
Yes we arrange underwater photography session. 10 USD per dive will be charged.

Can I get printed photos on site ?
No, we issue only softcopies of photos

How much charge by dividing centers for beginners & PADI License holders?
Charges may vary from one diving school to another.

Can beginners visit underwater museum within a day?
No. 3 days require to obtain PADI Open Water License

Can we hire a boat from Trincomalee to visit underwater museum?
Yes you can access the sea but you must be PADI licensee holder

Can we book Underwater package through Ceylon Expeditions for December?
Yes can be booked. Contact Ceylon Expeditions
Contact email [email protected] or call our general Hotline +94 717 88 44 99

Is Ceylon Expeditions provide underwater museum packages with diving facility for beginners?
Yes we do provide underwater museum package for both PADI licensee holders and beginners.

What are the documents require for diving in Trincomalee underwater museum through Ceylon Expeditions?
Answer for all foreigners – If you are on a round tour with Ceylon Expeditions, most of the important documents we receive before your arrival including travel insurance etc. Apart from your travel insurance, you need to submit PADI license copy and signed wave-off document of Ceylon Expeditions.

For all foreign beginners – PADI Open Water License to be obtained after 3 days training session .

 Any live specimen can I see except statues in underwater museum in Trincomalee?
Yes you can see many underwater flora & fauna species

Can I visit this museum but I can’t diving?
No, you must train and dive.

Can I see fish and coral reef ?
You can see many species of fish, but coral reefs have not been developed yet in this area

What is minimum ages or what is the approved age limits for diving to underwater museum in Trincomalee?
Above 11 Years

Any group packages for Sri Lankan local people ?
All visitors including both locals & foreigners should have PADI license or need to train through registered diving school before visit underwater museum in Trincomalee

How to get the location of the underwater museum?
You need to come on a boat with required diving equipment’s through any registered boat company

Can arrange for pickup from Colombo and drop ?
Yes possible, contact Ceylon Expeditions Travels

Can we purchase only underwater museum package only from Ceylon Expeditions?
Yes you can purchase this package separately. Contact our adventure expert through

How to book Trincomalee Underwater museum diving package ?
Reach your convenient tour executive in India / England & Sri Lanka or contact us through email / Telephone / WhatsApp

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