Yacht Sailing holidays in Sri Lanka

What is sailing ?
Sailing is a voyage made by a ferry or cruise ship, especially according to a planned schedule. As in the old days Sailing has been playing a major role in the development of civilization, affording humanity greater mobility than travel over land, whether for trade, transport or warfare, and the capacity for fishing. But in the meantime Sailing has become a beer and skittles and a past time in most of the countries. Simply, Sailing is drifting away in the ocean waves which allows to witness the marine beauty.
Sailing has become one of most interested recreational water adventure events. Sri Lanka also a best island destination with many yacht sailing holiday options such as sailing holidays sri lanka, yacht sailing honeymoon in Sri Lanka, all inclusive sailing holidays Sri Lanka and yacht family vacation Sri Lanka, private yacht holidays Sri Lanka, honeymoon catamaran charters in Sri Lanka etc. 


What is yacht?
Yacht is a medium size sailing boat equipped with cruising facilities use for private cruising or racing or other recreational purposes.

Yacht sailing as an adventure sport in Sri Lanka
As it has become a recreation and a sport in countless countries, Sri Lanka too implemented the opportunity to encounter the charmer of Indian Ocean via sailing upbringing the yacht Sailing in Sri Lanka theme. Sri Lanka is a perfect island to start SAIL in order to experience the rawness of the sea breeze which glee and gloating rings in the air where you can mesmerized by unnamed sensations over and over. As Sri Lanka is a blessed destination to surround by the Indian Ocean we have beautiful beaches to commence your sail and navigate your cruise or yacht. Sri Lanka is launching private yacht holidays, yacht family holidays in Sri Lanka luxury yacht honeymoon holidays, sailing holidays for singles etc.
So let us say yes to Sailing in Sri Lanka to explore the magical beauty of Sri Lankan coastline.

Sailing Ports in Sri Lanka
When you handpick Sri Lanka as a sailing holiday destination, there are three famous sailing hotspots in Sri Lankan coastline where you can commence your luxury yacht charter honeymoon in Sri Lanka. Southern coast which is lined with incredible beaches and incredible souvenirs from the ancient history also a well known sandy coast where you can get on board for your Sri Lanka sailing holiday. Eastern coast which is a pinprick of off the beaten path vibe which is home to countless untouched beaches where they hide their untold stories. Northern coast which host shaded beaches which is full of tranquility and relaxation, you may explore fusion of cultures .These are the highly recommended famous hotspots where you are able to commence the sailing journey.

Sailing Sri Lanka South Coast
Southern coastline is stretching out along the marvelous beaches such as Jungle Beach, Unawatuna, Weligama, Mirissa, Tallala and Tangalle. You may encounter an opportunity to explore a new tangled destination where the Dutch memories house to enliven and greet the visitors with historical colonial sights in Galle. And you may win a lucky chance to live a thrilling moment while searching the world’s largest Mammal – the Blue Whale.
Moreover ancient Dondra Lighthouse at the southern most point of Sri Lanka and turtle and migrant bird conservation projects. Sailing in southern coast will carve perfect souvenirs from the best sailing destination in the world and recommend to commence your yacht honeymoon Sri Lanka from south coast . Sailing is the southern sea is usually happen during October to April. So Sailing Sri Lanka in south coast will be a magnificent remembrance which can carved within you.

Sailing Sri Lanka East Coast
As this is a spotlight of the off the beaten vacations, East coast which wave with calm shallow water sailing in East coast will offer you bag full of memories with enchanting memories for your yacht sailing holidays Sri Lanka. The seaside port of Trincomalee, with its magnificent harbor, the coastal resort of Nilaveli with its calm and clear blue water, and magnificent reefs ideal for snorkeling and swimming and the popular resort bay of Passikudah will delay your return to the homeland. Sailing in eastern coast will paint you a mesmerizing art which embedded in your heart forever. May to October is most suitable season for this expedition. Sailing Sri Lanka in east coast will be an unique pinprick of your travelling journal.

Sailing Sri Lanka North Coast
Plan your Sri Lanka yacht sailing honeymoon to the isolated jewel of the country will be an amazing sailing experience because you will come across a way different atmosphere in Northern coast. Jaffna, the city which glazed with the icing of Portuguese, Dutch, British, Sinhalese , Muslim and Tamil , colorful temples set next to huge churches, an unique flavorful cuisine and vast un-inhabitant islands are the major points which influence visitors to discover it until the very end.
Like in the South coast  here too sailing season commence from October to April. Sailing in northern coast will flourish your memory with matchless encounters in untouched and little visited parts of Sri Lanka. Sailing in north coast will be an experience where you can discover a total different part of Sri Lanka. You can plan a recreational all inclusive sailing holiday in Sri Lanka, yacht honeymoon Sri Lanka north coast, or yacht family vacation in Sri Lanka.


Sailing boats available in Sri Lanka
The day vessels, hybrid catamarans and cabin sleepers are ready to take you on board on your luxury yacht sailing honeymoon in Sri Lanka.

Topaz 48 – Yacht Sailing in Sri Lanka

The deck has an open cockpit with cozy benches and cushions. In this shaded area we provide foldable teak chairs and tables. The large sundeck offers a trampoline for reclining and sun tanning. And the bow has seats from which to enjoy the view of the gorgeous coastline. The port side hull has a fully furnished kitchen iceboxes for chilled drinks. The starboard side hull has two bathrooms for ladies and gentlemen. Both have automatic toilets and sinks with running fresh water. Each hull has a cabin which is reserved for the crew. This is ideal for yacht sailing honeymoon or yacht family vacation Sri Lanka.

Technical Specifications of boat Topaz 48
  • Length – 14,70 m
  • Beam – 7,80 m
  • Draft – 1,10 m
  • Air Draft – 23 m
  • Light Disp – 9 Tons
  • Main Sail – 85 m²
  • Jib – 49 m²
  • Gennaker – 120 m²
  • Carbon wing-mast – 21 m

Equipment available in Topaz 48

  • Tableware
  • Champagne and wine glasses
  • Paddle gear
  • Stand up paddle board
  • Teak back transoms
  • Waterproof sound system
  • Aux cable guests
  • Kitchen
  • BBQ
  • Massage table
  • Safety equipment
  • Rib  

The Ceycat 53 Range – Yacht Sailing in Sri Lanka 

The Ceycat is designed to accommodate 8 – 12 guests plus captain, chef and crew members for overnight cruises. And each of the four comfortable cabins contains a private bathroom with toilet. The outdoor living room and fully-equipped kitchen provide everything a chef needs to prepare delicious cooked meals at sea. Sunbeds are located throughout the boat and trampoline located in front is the perfect place to have a rest while sailing. And a covered area is available for dining. The view from the upper deck is stunning. It is the preferred spot for observing life at sea whales and dolphins and taking in the sunset. This is ideal for yacht family vacation Sri Lanka / private yacht holidays Sri Lanka / yacht party rentals for birthday celebration in the ocean !!

Technical Specifications

  • Length – 15,50 m
  • Beam  8,30 m
  • Drift – 1,15 m
  • Light Disp  10 T
  • Sail surface  120 m²
  • Carbon mast  21 m
  • Hull design  Plan Lerouge


  • Snorkeling gear
  • Stand up paddle boards
  • Fresh water shower
  • Fishing lines & rods
  • Binoculars
  • Waterproof speakers
  • Aux cable for guests device
  • Dishes for 20 guests
  • Champagne flutes & wine glasses
  • Ventilation
  • Shampoo, shower gel and towel for each guest
  • Kitchen

Ruby 43 – Yacht Sailing in Sri Lanka

At 43 fleet, It is the smallest boat in our fleet and is perfectly suited for sailing trips in Sri Lanka such as private yacht charter / sailing holiday for family / yacht party rentals in Sri Lanka with small families and groups of friends.

The catamaran is equipped with all the navigation and communication equipment found on larger vessels and comes complete with water toys and a tender to take guests to the best snorkeling sites. The front of the boat has a comfortable trampoline for sun tanning .This is also the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the vast views of the coastline and open ocean during sailing. Down the stairs, on both left and right, you enter the boat’s hulls. In the front are two spacious cabins. A third cabin and the crew’s quarters are located in the rear.


Technical Specifications 
  • Type – Catamaran
  • Model – Leopard 43
  • Year of build – 2006
  • Port of registry  – Colombo
  • Overall length – 11,50 m
  • Beam – 6,93 m
  • Draft – 1,3 m
  • Displacement – 8630 kg
  • Boat speed – 7 knots
  • Capacity for day cruise – 27 pax
  • Capacity for overnight stay – 8 pax
  • Builder: Robertson and Caine


  • drink menu
  • tableware
  • fully equipped kitchen
  • champagne and wine glasses
  • paddle gear
  • stand up paddle board
  • teak back transoms
  • waterproof sound system
  • aux cable guests for high quality music
  • safety equipment
  • Rib

Pearl 47 – Yacht Sailing in Sri Lanka

The lower deck has a fully equipped kitchen, cushioned benches and a jute, a newly developed bio-composite by our boatyard, and tables that can seat 24 guests. The bathroom with toilet and sink is located in the rear.

On the large sundeck in front of guests can choose between the trampoline or homemade sunbeds for relaxing and sun tanning. The upper deck is spacious and contains additional sunbeds and a seating area. Half of the deck can be covered from the sun if desired. The sunbeds can be removed to accommodate large groups and parties. During parties the upper deck becomes a dance floor and the lower deck is used as a chilling area. The hulls are reserved for crew and house two cabins, engine rooms, and provide storage for life jackets, water toys and drinks. Pearl 47 is also ideal for yacht sailing in Sri Lanka such as yacht party / family yacht sailing etc


Opal 53 – Yacht Sailing in Sri Lanka
The dry charter OPAL 53 comes fully equipped to cater for larger parties of up to 40 persons with comfortable seating for 20 and space for 20 more on 2 decks, the trampoline and on reclining sunbeds
Two modern toilets are available in one of the hulls
A comfortable ladder in the front of the boat provides guests with easy access for swimming and snorkeling. So let us baked in the sun in the sunbeds while living a luxury yacht holiday where warm hearted islanders serve you an amazing sailing honeymoon in Sri Lanka.
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