Yudaganawa Ramayana Site Sri Lanka

Yudaganawa is an area located within the Wasgamuwa National Park. “Yuda” means in Sinhala War and “Ganawa or Anganaya” is area or arena. It is believed that the Yudaganawa or Yudaganapitiya is the final battlefield between of King Ravana & King Rama. Still the area is hard / torched, and no cultivation can be developed in this area. Almost the soil is similar to Ussangoda Ramayana site due to the destruction during this war. Considering above facts, Ydaganawa Ramayana site is one of the important places of Ramayana tour in Sri Lanka.
There are 2 different Yudaganawa in Sri Lanka and other one is located in Buttala in southern province but the Ramayana yatra related Yudaganawa is located in Wasgamuwa area. 

Yudaganawa Ramayana FAQ 

Location & Access to Yudaganawa Ramayana site
2 main access roads are available.
From Kandy proceed towards Hasalaka and Hettipola. Turn from Hasalake (50 KM frm Kandy) towards Wasgamuwa via Wilgamuwa
From Matale and Polonnaruwa – Proceed via to Laggala & Wilgamuwa  (Japan Bridge)

Do we cover Yudaganawa Ramayana site during 7 Nights Ramayana tour in Sri Lanka?
No, we do not include Yudaganawa Ramayana site in our tours due to time constraints and also there is nothing to see physically like remains a=except torched area. Therefore, Ceylon Expeditions does not include Yudaganawa Ramayana Site for Sri Lanka Ramayana tour packages unless there is a special request.

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